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Distinguish between kraft paper bags of PO/PE material two tips

Distinguish between kraft paper bags  of PO/PE material two tips
1, PE material is very soft, very transparent, but thicker PE plastic bags, will feel a little white mist, but does not affect the perspective bag products.Knead it sounds very soft, feel is also very soft, used to do to protect the inner packing products, will not have scratches on products;Po will sound will be more clear, feel very hard, but the same thickness will feel more thick.

2, PO material knead together, can be very loud, crunchy sounds;PE plastic bags, and take the sound of the wind almost no friction material.

How to identify toxic or harmful plastic bags

One is the method of identification of the senses.Non-toxic plastic bags have flexibility, feel lubrication, surface like wax;Toxic plastic color is cloudy, feel sticky.

2 it is shaking identification method.Forcibly seize plastic bags end with the hand shake, a ringing sound as non-toxic;Sounds boring may be toxic.

3 it is burning method of identification.Non-toxic polyethylene plastic bags of flammable, the flame is blue, the upper yellow, burning with paraffin taste;Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic bags don’t toxic flammable, burning yellow, green fire outside, and have the irritating smell of hydrochloric acid.

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